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Unimate Lemon Ginger

Unimate Lemon Ginger is a tasty and refreshing drink that can make your mornings sparkle or add zest to your afternoon. Whether you’re having a great day and feeling on top of the world or struggling with focus, Unimate is designed to make every day better. Made from yerba mate, a South American plant known for centuries for promoting mental clarity, endurance, and a better mood, Unimate Lemon Ginger brings all these benefits in a delightful flavor.

The yerba mate in Unimate goes through a special five-step process including handpicking, fire roasting, extracting, concentrating, and purifying. This makes Unimate a unique product that has up to 10 times the amount of chlorogenic acids (the elements that make you feel good) than a typical cup of coffee. With Unimate Lemon Ginger, you get more than just a drink; you get a daily boost to help you accomplish more with style and feel great doing it. Choose Unimate, and make great days your everyday experience!

Unimate Lemon Ginger